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About us

The history of Marchesi & C. S.r.l

since its foundation in 1965

In 1965 Umberto Marchesi and Mauro Bonora founded Marchesi & C., a metalworking company that operates on behalf of third parties, located in Via dei Tipografi 29/32 in Modena in a building that covers an area of approximately 4,500 m2.

Azienda Marchesi & C. frontale - foto del 1980 copia.png

Umberto Marchesi and Mauro Bonora began their work experience at a very young age and, thanks to the excellent skills acquired, they immediately fell in love with the automotive field, in particular with the creation of chassis and components for sports cars.

Soci fondatori Umbero Marchesi e Mauro Bonora copia.png
Soci Fondatori con i figli copia.png

Umberto Marchesi and Mauro Bonora have passed on their skills and passion to their children Patrizia Marchesi, Marco Marchesi, Eng. Luca Bonora and Massimo Bonora, and to their niece, Dr. Francesca Miselli Marchesi, who with dedication and seriousness continue to operate in the automotive sector and in the construction of carpentry works.

Since 1965 Marchesi & C. S.r.l has collaborated closely with the most prestigious car manufacturers in the Motor Valley for the construction of chassis and components of the most famous sports cars, such as:

  • Abarth: Lancia Abarth SE 037;

  • Alfa Romeo: Alfa Romeo 8C Spider;

  • AMS: AMS 1000;

  • ASA: ASA 1000 GT, also called Ferrarina;

  • Lamborghini cars: 350 GT, 400 GT 2+2, 3500 GTZ Zagato, Miura, Islero, Espada, Urraco, Jarama, Countach, Urraco-Silhouette, Jalpa, LM002, P140, Diablo;

  • BMW: BMW M1;

  • Bugatti Cars: EB 110, EB 112, EB 118;

  • CiZeta: CiZeta Moroder V16T;

  • Dallara Cars: collaborations and Dallara Sport Prototypes;

  • DeTomaso: Mongoose, Deauville, Pantera, Longchamp, Guarà, Biguà;

  • Effedi Automotive: Effedi Maranello 4Cycles electric city car, prototypes and series execution.

  • FIA: Lancia Rally 037;

  • Iso Rivolta: ISO Grifo;

  • Throw: Lancia Stratos, Lancia Rally 037;

  • Maserati: components, details and carpentry of numerous cars such as the Maserati Quattroporte (M139) and GranTurismo (M145), and the chassis of the Kyalami;

  • Mercedes: n° 2 aluminum chassis prototypes;

  • Pagani Automobili Spa: construction of chassis, roll-bar and components for Zonda Roadster and Coupè; Huayra components and details;

  • Porsche: Porsche 550 A Spyder;

  • Bizarre prototypes: Bizzarrini Iso Grifo IA3, Bizzarrini P538S, Bizzarrini Manta, Bizzarrini 1500 Berlinetta, Bizzarrini 5300 GT Europe, Bizzarrini 5300 GT America, Bizzarrini 1900 GT Europe, Bizzarrini Single Seater Formula 1 Prototype;

  • FOX: Volpe electric quadricycle;

  • UniMoRe and UniBo: creation of single-seater chassis for the Formula Student;

  • Zagato: Lamborghini 3500 GTZ Zagato.

Marchesi & C. has also produced chassis and cabs for:

  • Moto Laverda: off-road Laverda 4X4,

  • OMAI Sas: OMAI agricultural machinery;

  • Prinoth, all the production of the frames and details of the Leitwolf Snow Cat;

  • SIRMAC: SIRMAC SAB 2500D Vulcano and SIRMAC VAM 420P fire fighting vehicles, SAB 312 truck, SIRMAC wheeled tractor.

 Marchesi & C. has also collaborated with well-known motorcycle manufacturers:

  • Ducati Spa: production of chassis and mass production of tanks and motorcycle components;

  • Moto Guzzi: complete frames of the Moto Guzzi Daytona 1000 IE;

  • Moto Laverda: Laverda Navarro 125 and Laverda Toledo 125 chassis.

Marchesi and Bonora have always actively cooperated with their customers to solve the various chassis and design problems that gradually arose, thanks to their high knowledge of mechanical design and planning, their renowned experience as chassis builders and the prestigious specialization acquired on welding techniques.

The chassis built up to now in sheet metal as a monocoque or in tubular, using steel or aluminum, amount to over 20,000.

In addition to the automotive field, for years we have also been highly specialized in the production of light carpentry and various types of highly complex products for various industrial sectors, such as: industrial and urban cleaning, biomedical, ceramic, agricultural, food, metal furnishings, of wood, packaging, automation, motorcycle.

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