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Refurbishment and repair of classic cars

Since 1965 efficiency and professionalism

Marchesi & C. Srl is an engineering company founded in 1965 in Modena, which operates on

behalf of third parties.

It is well known for having collaborated with some of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the Motor Valley for the creation of chassis and components for numerous sports cars;

collaborations that continue today.

It specializes both in the restoration of historic car chassis and in the construction of sports car chassis and components as well as in the transformation and preparation of rally cars.

Furthermore, the company is also dedicated to the production of light carpentry and manufactured articles of various kinds and of high complexity, ranging in various industrial sectors.

Our services

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Sports chassis

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Automotive chassis

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Almost 60 years of experience acquired in the engineering and automotive sector.


 Accurate execution of the projects entrusted to us.


In the projects entrusted to us and in compliance with the deadlines.


Collaboration with the customer up to the actual co-design to improve the products we make

The company has been committed since 2001 to applying a Quality System Certified by DNV, in compliance with the requirements of the legislation UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, which allows us to integrate a modern and technologically advanced industry with the characteristics of quality and craftsmanship that have given Marchesi prestige.


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