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The most significant productions of Marchesi, in addition to the automotive field, range in various industrial sectors, such as:

Industrial and urban cleaning

Groomer for snowcats


Machines for working wood, glass, stone, advanced materials and metal

Agricultural machinery

Machines for processing aluminum profiles

Machinery and structures for Packaging and Industrial Automation





Elevator systems, elevators, freight elevators

Metallic forniture

Boilers and Heaters

In fact, thanks to the skills gained over the years, the company is also dedicated to the production of light carpentry and various kinds of highly complex products, dealing with the creation of:

Side structure for machine tool

Struttura fiancata per macchina utensile.png

Machinery carpentry for windows

Carpenteria macchine per serramenti.png

Frames for operating machines for industrial and urban cleaning - Motoscopes

Telaio Motoscopa.png

Sweeper frames for cleaning for industrial use – Motoscopes


Frames for Leitwolf snow groomers – Snowcats

Telaio Battipista Leitwolf.png

Winches for Snowcats and other details for snow groomers

Telaio verricello per Battipista Leitwolf.png

Revolving winches for snowcats and other parts for snow groomers

Telaio Argano Girevole per Battipista Everest.png

Aluminum bonnets

Cofano in alluminio per Battipista.png

Snow plow bucket

Benna spalaneve.png

Cabins for agricultural self-propelled machines

Cabine per Semoventi agricoli.png

All raw tanks electrogalvanized, with leak tests + various Ducati 916 brackets

Serbatoio della Moto Ducati 916.png

Bases for woodworking machines

Basamenti di macchine per la lavorazione del Legno.png

Square tube frames of metal structures for packaging machinery

Telaio per macchinario Packaging.png

Furthermore, the production of light carpentry by Marchesi & C. also concerns the creation of:

  • Frames, tanks and components for motorcycles and bicycles

  • Carpentry for the construction of lift cabins;

  • Components and structures for bottling plants and machines;

  • Products for processing aluminum, PVC and steel profiles;

  • Components for the construction of machines for the following processes: polishing, lapping, cutting and grinding for the ceramic sector;

  • Components and bases for industrial automation systems based on the customer's project;

  • Metal parts for office and shop furniture;

  • Carpentry for Boilers and Heaters;

  • Small and medium-sized metal structures for the food (packaging machines) and biomedical (dialysis machine frames) sectors;

  • Metallic carpentry of various kinds.

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