Our company

The company started its activity in 1965 as an artisanal metalmechanical company working in the automotive business field.
In 1972 the company has moved to the current premises of Via dei Tipografi, Modena, in a bulding of approximately 4500 sqm belonging to the same company.
In the year 1983 the company has turned into a limited liability company, the current legal form; Mr. Umberto Marchesi and Mr. Mauro Bonora are still the sole directors.
Moving to the new premises allowed an important industrial development, making it possible to diversify the types of products manufactured in the company that now include, in addition to the usual manufacturing of car frames and relevant accessories, the production of light carpentries and the machining of metal sheets upon the client’s specification.

  Now our company employs approximately fifty collaborators between workers, administrative and technical clerks.

Our company is equipped with various machineries, from the traditional mechanical machines to the high-technology machines.

The flagship of the company is our technical department where specialized personnel is able to cooperate with our clients in studying and developing their projects. Modern computerized equipments are at disposal of our technicians and they utilize:

• N 2 CAM for laser cutting
• N 2 Software for tube cutting
• N 1 Software to elaborate tri-dimensional drawings (pro-engineering)

Despite the type of our production, exclusively contract manufacturing, doesn’t allow us to focus on a standard quality level since the quality level depends on the needs of any single client, the whole company is engaged to apply a quality system allowing us to integrate the features of a modern and technologically advanced company with the ones of the artisanal manufacturing that have given prestige to our company.

Our quality system was certified by DNV according to the requirements of the norm UNI ENI ISO 9001:2008.

To sum up, our manufacturing process is based on:

• Cut, Bending and cold forming of metals
• Laser cut of metal sheets and tubes
• Assembly of various pieces by means of wire welding, of TIG welding on alluminium/steel and resistance welding

Currently our most important productions, in addition to the automotive field, are the following:
• Frames for sweepers
• Frames and accessories for groomers (snowmobiles)
• Bases of machines for the wood working
• Metal parts for office furniture
• Small and medium-sized metal structures for the food and bio-medical fields


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